Dear readers, we are researching some of the first Lithuanian families in Springfield for a future blog post and seek information from the descendants of the following late-19th Century immigrants. Please email if you can help with info or photos. Thank you!

Viliumas [William] Kasper and wife, Martha Tonila [Tunila].  He came to the U.S. in 1888. They had Kate (born 1887) and William, Jr. (born 1898).

Motiejus [Matthew] Patkus (Petkus). He emigrated in 1889 and seems to have married a non-Lithuanian (Agnes Reid). Their kids were Ralph (died 2009), George (died 1982), Matt (died 2007), and Mary (died 1983).

Ignatius [Enos] Kasper emigrated in 1890. He married Marcella Tonila (maybe brothers marrying sisters?)

Thank you for any help you can give!