Tisckos, Miller, Wisnosky

Obituaries show these connections between the Tisckos, Miller, Wisnosky, and Urbanckas families.

John P. Tisckos, (alt. Jonas Tiskus), 83, a retired coal miner and resident of Springfield for 65 years, was born in Lithuania, the son of Vincent P. and Lebedos Tisckos. He was a charter member of St. Vincent de Paul Lithuanian Catholic Church. Surviving were one daughter, Mrs. August Wisnosky, Sr., of Springfield; four sons: Adolph, Martin, William and Charles, all of Springfield; 11 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery. Dated Dec. 10, 1970.

Sylvester Miller (alt. Sivestris Milleris), 85, of 121 W. Jefferson, was born in Lithuania, the son of Pete and Barbara (Tisckos) Miller. A resident of Springfield since 1910, for 45 years Mr. Miller was the owner and operator of Miller’s Market, also at 121 W. Jefferson St. His wife, Mary (Moskers) Miller, died in 1965 and their son, Corp. John Miller, in 1944, in service to his country during World War II. Surviving were three daughters: Miss Florence, Miss Louise, and Miss Jeanette Miller, and one son, Peter S., all of Springfield. Dated August 6, 1973

Jeanette B. Miller was born in Springfield, the daughter of Sylvester and Mary (Moskers) Miller/ She was a co-owner of Miller’s Market, founded by her father. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery. Dated November 6, 1974.

August Wisnosky, Sr., 66, was born in Springfield, the son of George and Anna (Prapuolenis) Wisnosky. A former member of the Sangamon County Board of Supervisors, Mr. Wisnosky retired in 1970 from a 46-year career with Illinois National Bank that he began as a teller in 1924. He had been assistant vice president since 1957.

Mr. Wisnosky was a member of the Elks, Illinois State Museum Society, Springfield Art Association, Sangamon County Historical Society, Abraham Lincoln Association, and the board of trustees of St. Vincent de Paul Church. In 1971, he co-led a spirited effort to try to save the church from closure and demolition, appealing up through the hierarchy all the way to the Vatican, and even locating a Lithuanian-speaking priest to replace the retiring long-time pastor, Fr. Stanley O. Yunker. Unfortunately, these efforts did not succeed.

Mr. Wisnosky was survived by his wife Ann (Tisckos) Wisnosky, two sons, August P., Jr. of Springfield and John G. of Honolulu; one brother, George, of Scottsdale, Ariz.; one sister, Mrs. Alfred (Ann) Urbanckas, Sr., of Springfield, and four grandchildren.He was buried in Calvary Cemetery. Dated Feb. 5, 1972.

There is a potential connection to the Gedman/Beneky families: Joseph Gedman married Helen Beneky, the 20-year-old Springfield-born daughter of Lithuanian-born Anthony and Barbara (Wisnoski) Beneky. Joseph and Helen had a son, James.


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