Janners (Jankauskas), Gossrow

Andrew, Joshua and Deborah Gossrow

Janners (Jankauskas)-Skimele-Mengel-Gossrow Family

Chatham resident Deborah Lynn Martini-Gossrow and her son Joshua are descended from John Joseph Jankauskas, born Feb. 17, 1880 (died Dec. 10, 1970.) John Joseph’s Polish father had changed his name from Jankowski to Jankauskas after emigrating to Lithuania and marrying a Lithuanian woman (name unknown).

John Joseph Jankauskas immigrated to Chicago (where his surname became Janners) and on Nov. 24, 1910, married Stella Skimele (born Feb. 2, 1892; died in the 1960s). The couple had a son, Stanley A. Janners, on Dec. 5, 1919. Stanley Janners married Olga Pauline Mengel (born June 18, 1922) on Feb. 17, 1946.

Stanley and Olga (Mengel) Janners had two children: Barbara Lynn, born July 20, 1950, and Stanley Bruce, born April 13, 1947. Barbara Lynn Janners married Charles Francis-Xavier Martini on Nov. 23, 1969, and on May 9, 1970, the couple had a daughter, Deborah Lynn Martini.

Deborah Lynn Martini married Andrew Gleim Gossrow on April 2, 1994. Their son, Joshua, was born in 2006. Deb, Andrew and Joshua Gossrow live in Chatham with Deb’s mother, Barbara Lynn (Janners) Martini.


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