Barbara Blazis, John Dombroski, Patricia Naumovich, Mary Sitki

1978 Fr. Yunker Scholarship Winners

1978 Fr. Yunker Scholarship Winners

I just received from Elaine Kuhn this clipping from the Jan. 22, 1978 issue of the Catholic Diocesan newspaper, Time and Eternity, photographing the 1978 Fr. Yunker Scholarship winners (from left, after the bank official): Mary Estelle Sitki, Elaine Kuhn, Barbara Blazis, and John Dombroski. Patricia Naumovich was a winner, but not photographed.
I would love to hear from everyone in the photo about what they studied in college and how their careers and lives have turned out.
Elaine Kuhn is already profiled on this site. Thanks a million for finding and sharing another proud bit of Lithuanian-American history in Springfield!


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