Fr. Yunker College Scholars

Reverend Stanley O. Yunker

Reverend Stanley O. Yunker

The Fr. Yunker Scholarship is given by the Diocese of Springfield to Lithuanian-American college students with ties to St. Vincent de Paul Church.  Fr. Halinda of St. Joseph’s Church, and Frs. Ossola and Wright administered the scholarship until 2009 (apparently the last year there was enough interest on the principal to award scholarships).

Profiles of some of the winners are featured on the following pages. If you know, or have the ability to contact any of these young people so they can be interviewed and profiled on the blog site, please contact Sandy Baksys at Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Fr. Yunker College Scholars”


    Is the Fr Yunker scholarship still available?

    Thank you
    Elizabeth Ross
    Moweaqua, il

  2. sandyb52 said:

    Yes, to my knowledge. You should get in touch with the administrator of The Foundation for the People of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. They have a web page. You must have a family connection to Springfield’s former St. Vincent de Paul Lithuanian Church.

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