My first feature for Draugas News, the new English-language monthly newspaper from the famous Draugas publishing house in Chicago, was printed recently.  I am now able to include a link to the article, which I really enjoyed writing:

It profiles Linas Johansonas, editor of the popular 24/7 global Lithuanian news portal on Facebook. Linas is one of a new generation of Lithuanian patriots fighting Russian disinformation and cyber trolls online, and getting out the news the global Lithuanian community needs to know, along with reports of the purely captivating or quirky. Linas has also been deeply involved in Cleveland, Ohio’s rock & roll industry.  I hope you enjoy the article.

New Photo of St. Vincent de Paul Interior

And, just for fun, take a look at this interior photo (below) of Springfield’s St. Vincent de Paul Lithuanian Catholic Church that I recently received from Elaine Alane of Wisconsin. The back of the photo reads:  “A remembrance of my 25th anniversary, June 13th, 1948. Rev. S.O. Yunker.” (As you know, Father Yunker was the church’s long-time pastor.)

SVDP.interior.1948 001