Dear Readers:

My “best of blog” book, “Lithuanians in Springfield, Illinois” has been three years in the making.

Now you can stand with me in my 1,000 hours of research and writing. You can reach with me across time to join hands with our all-but-forgotten immigrant ancestors and their lost age.

How?  By supporting my “crowdfunding” campaign for the book’s design costs. After putting in so much time and effort, I recently learned that quality, professional page design at a cost of $1,300 or more will be needed to attractively incorporate into my text the tremendous wealth of historical family photos that will lend their unique character to my book, just as they do to this blog.

Please consider a donation of $10, $15, or $20 to my campaign, at this link.

The whole philosophy of crowdfunding is that many hands make light work!

So, please share my campaign link and talk to others who might be able to contribute.

Except for one chapter and a round of proof editing, my text is already complete and being submitted in stages to a professional designer who is moonlighting from his day job. My target publication via CreateSpace and availability on is late summer/autumn 2015.

I have already received hundreds of dollars towards my $1,500 in projected costs (including ISBN numbers), so the target amount for this crowdfunding campaign is definitely reachable.

Thank you to my donors to date:  Maria (Fry) Race, Barb Pelan, Terri White, Kathleen Farney, William Cellini, Jr., and Mike Kienzler.

Thank you to everyone who pitches in to help design a truly attractive and unforgettable book about “Lithuanians in Springfield, Illinois.” Together, we can make it happen!