We’ve been working with Kathy Sass of the Diocese of Springfield to track down information about the Fr. Yunker Scholarship for Lithuanian-American college students with ties to St. Vincent de Paul Church. So far, we’ve learned that Fr. Halinda of St. Joseph’s Church, and before that, Frs. Ossola and Wright (forgive any misspellings) administered the scholarship. We’ve also learned the names of the 2009 winners (2009 was apparently the last year there was enough interest on the principal to award scholarships). 

Our information from Jean Johnson, Superintendent of Springfield’s Catholic Schools, is that Hannah, Isabel, and Ruth Ziogas, Brandon Barringer, Noah Beveridge, Alex Gee, Megan Randall (or Randell), and Amanda Ross all shared a $3,200 award from the Fr. Yunker Scholarship Fund in 2009.

Here’s where our readers come in:  Do any of you know, or have the ability to contact any of these young people so they can be interviewed and profiled on our blog site?

Have any of you ever worked with Frs. Halinda, Ossola or Wright on administering the Fr. Yunker Scholarship?  Please contact sandybaksys@gmail.com   Thanks!